Terms of Operation & Legal Agreement.

Hancarri is your neighborhood online retail Shop with walk-in pickup and virtual shopping experience.  We feature hand-carry stocks, high quality merchandise, Gadgets and luxury trends. We are passionate about building a community of luxury lifestyle.


  1. Hancarri is Nigerian online luxury retail shop with offline shopping experience and pick-up centers. Our platform is hancarri.ng which allows selected vendors that meets our specified standard of products to showcase and sell their products to our shopping community.
  2. Hancarri is entitled to sell all products on behalf of the vendors and also accept payment on behalf of the seller. However, all support/Some product related inquiries sent by buyers are directed to vendors.
  3. Hancarri performs quality check for all products listed by vendors and may suspend vendors based on customer’s complaints on quality issues.
  4. We may not release payment to vendors till customers confirm satisfaction with products purchased from vendors.
  5. We reserve the right to suspend vendors shop without notice.


  1. To offer his product or Service to the general public through the Store provided all the conditions stipulated in this Agreement are met.
  2. To change the Product or Service provided that:
  3. An advanced warning of 5 working days is given to us in writing by email or letter to our office.
  4. We accept and approve changes.
  5. To provide his/her own photographs and descriptive materials of the Product or Service being offered for sale through the Store.
  6. To provide mobile contact for the purpose of support to Hancarri representatives as regards customers enquiries, complaints and support request.
  7. Prior to displaying the Product or Service on the Store, the Vendor must be fully acquainted with all conditions relating to the Sale Facility, including ordering, payment, shipment, delivery, notifications and returns and agree to abide by them.


The Representative has the right:

  1. To change the conditions governing the operations and use of the Store, including payment conditions, commissions, delivery and shipment requirements, according to the needs of the business.
  2. To alter the photographs and/or descriptive text of a Product or Service which does not meet Store standards of clarity and legibility provided the Vendor is notified of said changes with an explanation of the reasons for the changes.
  3. To terminate, permanently or temporarily, an association with a Vendor who fails to meet all the conditions of this Agreement or in any other way behaves in way that is detrimental to the Store.
  4. To withhold payment to a Vendor who fails to meet his obligations under this Agreement.

The Representative is obliged:

  1. To provide the services of the Store according to the terms of this Agreement.
  2. To pay the Vendor without delay for his Product or Service once a sale is completed and payment by the Buyer has been received by the Representative, and to inform the Vendor that payment has been made.
  3. Vendor shall receive payment covering both the Product or Service and shipping.
  4. To notify the Vendor of any problems arising with payment from the Buyer, in a timely fashion.
  5. To notify the Vendor of any problems with shipment or delivery that may originate with the Vendor.
  6. To notify the Vendor of any claims or disputes from the Buyer concerning the Product or Service in order to resolve said matter.
  7. To immediately inform the Vendor of any defective Product or Service provided by the Vendor to give the Vendor the possibility to replace said Product or Service.
  8. Not to disclose or to use any confidential information provided by the Vendor, except as required by applicable legislation.

Ordering and shipping

  1. Once an order is placed with the Representative through the Store, the Vendor is immediately notified and must proceed with shipment or delivery. Vendor must bear the cost of shipping until payment is received from the Buyer. Some products on Hancarri may only accept pay before delivery, In this case. We handle shipping and get appropriate commission as agreed between Hancarri and the vendor.
  2. The cost of shipping or delivery is indicated alongside the Product or Service offer, and is added to the amount charged to the Buyer.

Prices, Payments and commissions

  1. The Vendor sets the price of the Product or Service offered for sale through the Store. A commission of X percent* is added to the price set by the Vendor, and the total is displayed as the sale price alongside the Product or Service on offer. The cost of shipping or delivery is also indicated alongside the Product or Service, and is added to the sale price.  The total amount is what is charged to the Buyer.
  2. The commission varies according to the Product or Service.
  3. Payment is made by secure web-based payment methods, by bank transfer, or by cash.
  4. Vendor Payments are made weekly otherwise as agreed during time of new vendor application.



  1. In the event the Product or Service provided by the Vendor is defective or does not match the digital image displayed through the store, the Vendor is under the obligation to replace the Product or the Service. If the Vendor is unable to do this, he/she will remain liable for the cost of shipment or delivery incurred.
  2. In the event a Vendor ships or delivers defective or substandard Products or Services for a second time, the Representative reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement.
  3. In the event a Product is damaged during shipping, the terms of shipping as agreed by the Buyer shall apply.  If insurance is taken out by the Buyer, compensation shall be only in the form of what the insurance provides and the Representative shall have no liability.


Termination of Agreement

This Agreement can be terminated:

  1. If both Parties reach an agreement to do so;
  2. Unilaterally, subject to this Agreement and the laws of Nigeria.
  3. The Vendor can revoke usage of the Representative’s services at any time, in which case his Product or Service is no longer displayed through the Store.


Other Conditions

  1. This Agreement shall come into force from the moment of its signing.
  2. All disputes that may arise from this Agreement are to be settled, if possible, by means of negotiations. All unsettled disputes can be brought before a court of arbitration in Nigeria.